Track 1: Print Marketing for Maximum Optichannel Performance

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Print marketing offers a blend of many offline marketing touchpoints in the customer journey that multiplies marketing performance when incorporated into a comprehensive optichannel strategy.

This course will cover:

  • New technologies and data-powered print marketing techniques
  • Personalized marketing strategies and case studies
  • Importance of brand consistency across channels
  • Best practices for measuring your effectiveness of print

During the Track 1 presentations, you'll hear from leading experts including:

  • Cyndi W. Greenglass, SVP, Strategic Solutions, Diamond Communication Solutions, and OSG Company
  • Mishu Rahman Din, Research Manager, Comperemedia
  • Britta Cleveland, Senior Vice President, Research Solutions, Meredith Corporations
  • Ray Van Iterson, Manager of Innovation and Product Development, United States Postal Service
  • Jay Carroll, Co-Founder & CEO, SeQuel Response
  • Kevin Gilligan, CEO, Structural Graphics
  • Daniel Gaugler, Chief Prodcut Officer, PFL

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