Using Analytics to Increase Discoverability & Expand Your Audience

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Abby Sjoberg

Associate Director of Audience Development

Len Roberto, Jr

Director Audience Data
Northstar Travel Media

Clare Carr

VP of Marketing

Denis Wilson

Editor in Chief
Publishing Executive

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Make no mistake: readers consume digital content on the platform, device, and time-of-day of their own desire. In order to optimize content discoverability and engagement, publishers need to expand their knowledge of when, where, and how their audiences engage with content.

Analytics offers invaluable insights into how audiences consume different types of content across platforms and devices. With this wisdom in hand, publishers can hone their content strategies to reach target audiences and drive key objectives, such as site traffic, audience growth, and conversion.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How readers use third-party platforms like Google and Facebook to discover different types of content
  • How the type of content you publish should impact your content and referral strategy
  • How publishers can use these insights to deliver more targeted and engaging content to prospective readers
  • How publishers are using data insights to drive engagement, conversions, and revenue

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