Big Savings with Healthy Web-to-print

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Tami Reese

Operations Manager, Design & Print Center
Intermountain Healthcare

Rich Bott

Supply Chain Services Director
Intermountain Healthcare

Bob Neubauer

Editor in Chief
In-plant Graphics

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As part of a top-ranked ranked Healthcare Supply Chain organization, Intermountain Healthcare’s Design and Print Center (DPC) adheres to high standards. While the supply chain center has been a model of efficiency and savings, the in-plant operation has also generated big savings, and launched a Web-to-print solution to make the in-plant even healthier.

Created just five years ago, DPC was initially receiving print requests via email. Fast forward to 2017, and now the in-plant is ranked as one of In-plant Graphics’ 2017 largest in-plants, and has added Web-to-print software. This webinar will show how a growing in-plant implements and rolls out Web-to-print software, and how important it is to work with all the appropriate partners to ensure success.

Attendees will learn how DPC uses Web-to-print to:

  • Enable branding and compliance control
  • Increase efficiency for customers and the print center
  • Provide consistent and accountable pricing, tracking and reporting

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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