Convergence in the Printing Industry: Expanding Into New Market Segments and Defending Core Competencies

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Based on the new “Convergence in the Print Industry: Understanding Growth Opportunities and Competition” research study, which was recently completed by NAPCO Research and sponsored by SGIA, printers are experiencing an ongoing challenge to maintain and grow their businesses in the face of new and competing technologies, new competitors, changing market dynamics and shifting customer demands.

These realities are impacting the types of printed products and related services that printers offer, and are pushing them to evolve in new ways. To address these challenges, printers are increasingly migrating into adjacent market segments that expand their overall capabilities. As such, the traditional lines of separation that once existed between different types of printers have blurred.

Attend this webinar to better understand the implications of how this tectonic shift in the graphic arts industry landscape will provide both challenges and opportunities to your business.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The amount of cross-segment migration that is occurring within the printing industry;
  • Where your greatest growth opportunities are, depending on the current market segment(s) that you serve;
  • The amount of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity printer survey respondents expect will occur within the next five years;
  • The path to success via new segment adoption, as revealed by a commercial printing industry peer that has successfully evolved into product packaging, fulfillment and other new revenue streams.

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