Top 8 Traits of the Most Valuable Marketing Ops Teams

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Kevin Joyce

CMO & VP of Strategy Services
The Pedowitz Group

Brandon Jensen

Director, Marketing Operations

Jeff Cullimore

Sr. Manager, Marketing Technology

Thorin McGee

Target Marketing

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As a marketing operations leader, what’s the one thing you fear the most? Being in a meeting where you’re asked a question you don’t know the answer to? Or perhaps it’s more a fear that you or your team lack credibility with marketing leadership? Either way, in this increasingly digital world that’s creating an increasingly digital—and complex—work environment, expectations for marketing operations have never been higher—and you’re surely feeling that pressure.

As your ops team works hard to make sure the entire marketing department runs smoothly, stays aligned, and has the data they need to be successful, your leadership can help them develop the confidence they need in their roles. Join Kevin Joyce, CMO & VP of Strategy Services at The Pedowitz Group, Jeff Cullimore, Sr. Manager, Marketing Technology at Workfront, and Brandon Jensen, Director, Marketing Operations at Workfront for an experienced panel discussion around the top eight traits of the most valuable marketing operations teams. These eight traits will help your marketing operations teams learn how to:

  • Answer questions with confidence
  • Stay aligned with strategic goals and initiatives
  • Operate with greater speed
  • Reduce team silos in marketing
  • Connect cross-functional workflows
  • Design a more impactful martech stack

Whether you lead a marketing operations team or work with someone who does, this webinar will help you understand the skills and traits that make for better, more efficient, and happier marketing teams.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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