Diversification: Packaging Opportunities to Boost your Bottom Line

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Chip Hilleary

Executive Vice President
West Camp

Rob Daniels


Bryan Krause


Cory Francer


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The printing industry is as competitive as ever, and increasing sales is the name of the game for companies seeking to remain at the forefront. As demand for labels and packaging continues to grow, printers who diversify their product offerings will be among the leaders in this expanding printing industry segment.

Whether it’s labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons or corrugated, the latest printing technology has lowered the barriers for printers and converters to expand their product lines and offer brand owners multiple packaging formats under one roof. As evolving consumer behavior trends dictate brand owner needs, printers and converters will need to rise to the occasion with visually distinct, eye-catching packaging that meets the demands of today’s fast-moving supply chain, driven by short runs, reduced lead times and SKU proliferation. In this webinar we’ll cover the workflow, equipment and sales strategies you’ll need to hit the ground running with new packaging offerings for your customers.

Printing executives representing the packaging and commercial segments will join the panel to discuss how adding new packaging products boosted their sales and grew their customer base. Additionally, a brand representative will discuss the importance of having a versatile print partner.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • The technology solutions needed for growth
  • How diversification impacted their sales
  • Evolving brand owner and consumer needs, and how to serve them
  • Strategies for meeting the needs of today’s fast-moving supply chain
  • How to market their new products to new and existing customers

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