You’ve Got That Magic Touch: Why Pigments Are Conquering Textiles

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Debbie McKeegan


Kerry Maguire King

Senior VP, Research & Development

Denise Gustavson

Editorial Director, Printing and Packaging Group

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The e-commerce age has brought a sea change to the imprinted textiles industry, one that presents considerable challenges but also considerable opportunities for profitability and new business models. Digital pigment-based printing wasn’t always a stable foundation for production, but it has risen to meet the moment with an efficiency, sustainability, and versatility to revolutionize textiles for years to come.

In this presentation, Debbie McKeegan, CEO of Texintel and a 20-plus-year veteran of textile manufacturing and design, will discuss her extensive experiences with all types of print technologies—including screens, reactive, dye sublimation, and others—and why she believes pigments have become the world’s preferred ink set for applications that demand high quality, rapid and agile production, adaptability to emerging trends and substrates, and eco-consciousness.

Among other topics, we will discuss:

  • Qualities that make pigment-based printing an ideal fit for apparel, accessories, and home decor applications.
  • Why digital pigment print processes best support new business models emerging in the digital age.
  • How just one production line can print onto both polyester and natural fabrics using one simple process.
  • How you can implement pigment-based processes to increase efficiency, build a more sustainable brand, and become your customer's go-to resource for on-demand production, profitably.
  • Corresponding technologies you may encounter at the upcoming PRINTING United exhibition, and how to evaluate them based on your long-term production needs and goals.
  • Why the Kornit Robusto pigment inks offer a sustainable, eco-friendly solution for the textile industry.

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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