Top Content Performance Trends in 2019: Understanding Your Audience's Digital Consumption Habits

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Kelsey Arendt

Senior Data Analyst

Leah Wynalek

Senior Editor
Publishing Executive & Book Business



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Content isn't just important for traditional media companies anymore. In today's noisy digital landscape, marketers also must prioritize content in order to successfully spread brand awareness, engage their audiences, and increase conversions.

Join Kelsey Arendt, senior data analyst at content analytics company, for insights into major 2019 data trends observed across's network of over 400 organizations and over 3,000 sites and apps. Plus, hear her predictions for 2020, so you can maximize the impact of your content in the year ahead.

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  • Trends in audience attention: where they begin their journey, and how to build loyalty
  • New opportunities – and what to avoid
  • Social media influence and best practices
  • How to adopt an audience-first content strategy

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