COVID-19's Impact on Retail: Best Practices for Personalization

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Robert Smolarski

Vice President, Digital Marketing and eCommerce
Munchkin, Inc.

Michele Fitzpatrick

Retail Strategist

Ashley Chiaradio

Senior Content Strategist
Total Retail

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In a world impacted by COVID-19, the relationship brands have with their customers is more important than ever. As consumers turn to digital and mobile engagement out of necessity, brands have a unique opportunity to connect directly with them. Brands also have a challenge to deliver a better customer experience in order to keep those customers engaged. Personalization is key to this equation.

During this in-depth webinar, Michele Fitzpatrick – Acxiom’s Retail Industry Strategy Consultant and Robert Smolarski - Munchkin's Vice President of Digital Marketing and eCommerce will discuss the importance of combining the right data and technology partners to build a real-time personalization strategy that supports today’s digital marketing needs. By using data to drive better experiences, brands can be better equipped to deliver on consumer expectations and create opportunities for engagement during and after this crisis.

Register now and learn more about the three key personalization components needed in a world impacted by COVID-19:

  • planning a customer-centric data strategy
  • solving for identity management
  • unifying data and technology to understand your customers and deliver experiences that matter

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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