Data Security: Prioritizing Business Compliance and Customer Protection

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Eric Ratcliffe

Partner & Director - Compliance Strategy
360 Advanced

Butch Porcaro

General Manager
The Regal Press

Brett Birky

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Andy Young

Global Product Manager
Ricoh Software and Solutions Team

Mark Michelson

Editor in Chief
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The importance of data in your print business can’t be overstated. Evolving market changes are transitioning your business models through the transformation of legacy operations, learning how to maximize resources (IT, production), increasing digitization and your customer’s need for more personalized communications. Are you sufficiently maintaining your data and theirs, demonstrating compliance and prioritizing these processes, or are there vulnerabilities threatening to expose you to potential fines and compromising your business integrity?

It’s a lot to be responsible for, but prioritizing the security of your data is the way to survive in this new business normal.

We’ve hand-selected an industry panel comprised of experts and customers discussing how changes in today’s market requirements necessitate a compliance and protection program with tighter, automated controls.

In this interactive, 60-minute panel discussion you’ll be part of a discussion on:

  • Understanding the kinds of data requiring protection: customer, production and management
  • Data acquisition and utilization: demonstrating the importance of local and federal regulation compliance
  • The cybersecurity and vulnerability stress test: what steps should you take in terms of data access and destruction processes?
  • How to mitigate risk through assessments and audits

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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