LED UV: The Keys to Increased Profits, Throughput and Quality from Three Printer’s Experiences

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John Dahlke

VISOgraphic Printing

Kent Tucker

Tucker Castleberry

Paul J DeSantis

CIO & VP of Strategy

Mark Michelson

Editor in Chief
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Printers have always lived under the rule of the so-called Iron Triangle of “Service, Price or Quality… Pick Two” To increase two sides of the triangle, the third would always have to give.

Tune in to hear insights from three printers across the country to learn how they have leveraged LED UV retrofits on existing equipment to Break the Iron Triangle; increasing all three at the same time.

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  • How LED UV retrofits have increased production throughput 30%, 50% and 100% on the same equipment.
  • How LED UV cuts turnaround times in half.
  • How LED UV can be the key ingredient in winning new business.
  • How LED UV is a magnet to new salespeople with high margin business.
  • How LED UV opens the door to high margin special effects.
  • How LED UV opens production to tougher to print and dry substrates.
  • How LED UV removes variables that fight consistent quality production.
  • How LED UV solves a myriad of quality issues.
  • How LED UV can enable printers to transition from 100% commercial work to an increasing mix of higher margin Packaging Print.

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