Maximize Your Margins by Optimizing Your Offset-Digital Production Mix

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Andrew Asbury

Vice President
Royal Printing

Scott Shure

Operations Manager
Doyle Printing

Patrick Henry

Senior Editor
Printing Impressions

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In today’s environment, printers are constantly having to adjust to dynamic market conditions. When a new job comes in, it’s often not a question of what machine (offset or digital) makes the most sense to print the job on, but of what is available right now and how quickly it can get the job out the door – whatever keeps the customer happy.

These types of hasty decisions can mean that the job gets done, but they don’t necessarily make you more profitable. But, what if implementing a smart, hybrid workflow that understands your production mix and integrates your offset and digital platforms could automatically make these decisions for you?

Today, achieving this kind of high-efficiency hybrid production is absolutely possible. In this informative webinar, two Heidelberg customers reveal how jobs can be seamlessly routed between digital and offset – maximizing both your productivity and your margins.

You will learn:

  • How a hybrid workflow, like Heidelberg’s Prinect Production Manager with Digital Front End, can automatically adjust the distribution of your offset and digital jobs to put more profits in your pocket
  • Why, with Heidelberg’s Versafire digital press platform, you don’t have to sacrifice color consistency, quality, or substrate range when shifting work from offset to digital
  • How implementing a smart, hybrid workflow will open up your capacity, allowing you to take on more jobs and speed up turn times

The future of printing is hybrid, and the foundation of that future is a well-coordinated production workflow. This webinar will show you how to build one. Register today!

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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