Know Your Numbers: Maximize Your Current Performance with Data

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Bryon Rogman

Prepress Supervisor
Great Northern Corporation

Stephen Riffel

Plant Manager
Abeka Print Shop

Pat Henry

Senior Editor
Printing and Packaging Group

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Many people think that the only way to improve or increase the current productivity or output of their shop is by investing in new technology. But with the uncertainty of today’s market, it’s not always possible to make a new investment. What if you could maximize the current performance of your business by simply understanding and leveraging your production metrics? With the right data, training, and maintenance in place, printers throughout the country are seeing marked improvements in their overall output and efficiency – without making changes or investments to their current press technology.

Learn how two printers were able to maximize their current assets and take their output performance to the next level by taking a good, hard look at their production data. In this webinar, learn:

  • How with the right tracking tools in place, like Heidelberg Assistant, it’s quick and easy to see and understand your production KPIs, set goals, and identify potential service issues before they cause downtime
  • How utilizing the right resources can help you evaluate your entire business to identify and eliminate bottlenecks that may be inhibiting your overall potential and bottom line
  • How understanding your job mix and standardizing your stock choices and consumables can greatly streamline your overall throughput
  • How to create a plan to get your staff engaged in the transformation process and hold them accountable for the improvements

Your shop may be much closer than you think to reaching the next level of profitable performance. After this webinar, you’ll know how to take the final steps that will get you there. Register today!

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