Ignite Profits and Customer Satisfaction with Specialty Print

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Toby Saalfeld
US Director, Color Management
Ricoh USA
Jonathan Vena
Color Management Consultant
Ricoh USA
Lou Capone
Manager, Solution Engineers, Ricoh
Ricoh USA
Michele Hadjopoulos
Color Management Consultant
Ricoh USA
Todd Flowers
Production Print Executive
Ricoh USA
Dan Marx
Senior Content Editor

Printing & Packaging Group
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Specialty print and print embellishment can be a great addition to traditional CMYK printing operations. It allows print service providers as well as corporate print shops to stand out from the crowd by providing a level of creative options that are sure to capture the target audience’s attention.

Specialty print enabled jobs foster a closer collaboration between the print provider and their clients, which helps with customer satisfaction and retention. Best of all - print buyers are willing to spend close to twice as much money for specialty print enhanced jobs as compared to regular CMYK print!

This all sounds great, but simply having the capabilities to produce specialty print doesn’t automatically guarantee new business to roll in. There are several key aspects that anyone who is interested in offering Specialty Print should consider before making any major investments.

This session will explore some of the key considerations when embracing specialty print, and inevitable challenges that most businesses encounter along the way. The Ricoh Color Consulting Team will be sharing:

  • Real-world experiences they’ve gathered helping businesses develop and pursue their very own specialty print journey
  • Valuable insight on best practices and overcoming common challenges
  • Strategies for selling the value of specialty print to your end customers
  • Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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