ERP/MIS Role in Helping Your Sustainability Program

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Chris Wood
Director, Sales
eProductivity Software Solutions
Linda Casey
Editor in Chief
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A May 22 IBM survey identified that “51% of CEOs now identify sustainability as their greatest challenge, up from 32% in 2021”. Much of the focus in the packaging industry has been around sustainable substrates and the supply chain. An overlooked area that can deliver additional gains in sustainability is in using your MIS/ERP system to better understand how you are using substrates and all the resources at your disposal in a more efficient way.

Join us on August 9th for 60 minutes to better understand how your ERP/MIS system can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Attendees to this virtual event can expect to learn:

  • Understand how your ERP/MIS system is a valuable tool in helping you achieve your sustainability goals
  • How to use your ERP/MIS to increase your efficiency and profitability while running a more sustainable operation
  • How to use your ERP/MIS to communicate valuable information with customers and vendors to increase sustainability and reduce waste across the entire supply chain
  • Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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