Why It’s Still a Good Time to Buy/Sell Your Printing or Packaging Company

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James A. Russell
New Direction Partners
Thomas J. Williams
New Direction Partners
Mark Michelson
Editor in Chief
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And here’s why. If you’re a Seller, there are more active buyers in the marketplace than ever before. In addition to the two traditional types of buyers, Strategic and Financial, there is now a new type of buyer active in our industry, the Search Fund. With so many active, qualified buyers looking at all segments of the printing industry, it’s a very good time to maximize the lifelong investment you have in your business.

And if you’re a Buyer, a strategic acquisition remains one of the best ways to diversify your product and service offering or grow your sales. As more and more print and packaging company owners reach retirement age and having just come through the challenges that Covid-19 created in their businesses, they are ready to transition to the next phase of life. They are looking for the right buyers to take over their businesses.

In this session, we’ll explain the difference between financial and strategic buyers, the pros, and cons of each, and we’ll explain what a search fund is. We’ll discuss the effects the current turbulent economic environment has on buying and selling in print and packaging.

In this session, presented by Jim Russell and Tom Williams, you will also learn:

  • As a seller, what type of buyer best fits your requirements.
  • As a buyer, what to look for in a successful acquisition.
  • An overview of both macro- and micro-economic conditions.
  • How to maximize value as a seller; and how to ensure a fair value as a buyer.
  • … and much more.
  • Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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