The Print Ecosystem – Prepare: Protect Your Profitability, Get Your Files Right!

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Pat McGrew
The McGrewGroup Inc.
Ryan McAbee
Chief Analyst
Pixel Dot Consulting
Linnea Wolken
Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations
Ricoh USA
Ashley Roberts
Managing Editor
Printing & Packaging Group
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PREPARE is the one area that affects everybody regardless of geography, function or segment.

Seriously, don’t miss this one.

Now that your job onboarding (INPUT) is on point and your job management process (MANAGE) is streamlined and your processes are working together, it’s time to get the files prepared while not losing your profit through unnecessary errors before it gets into production.

‘Prepress’, while much different in the digital age, has been around since Guttenberg, so why are printers still having so many issues to makeready production files? It’s in the details, or rather, the overwhelming number of details: variable data, bleeds, fold lines, color consistency, imposition and batching to name just a few.

Hosted by an expert panel featuring Pat McGrew, Managing Director of the McGrew Group; Ryan McAbee, Chief Analyst at Pixel Dot Consulting; and Linnea Wolken, Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations, Ricoh Graphic Communications Group, join us to learn how to capitalize on the PREPARE stage of your ecosystem including:

  • How automating your prepress process gets you closer to an error-free workflow, with a customer savings scenario
  • What the key components are in creating makeready files
  • Highlighting the steps of an efficient prepress process and how they fit seamlessly together
  • How to control quality with checks and balance points prior to production
  • This is the 4th webinar in a six-part series on the print ecosystem.

    This is a stage you truly can’t get wrong. Besides your profitability, your reputation and customer’s overall satisfaction is at stake.

    What’s up next? Produce - Making it Happen: Software and Hardware Working Together for a Successful Output

    Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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