Achieving Super-Efficiency through Color Management & Certified Trainings

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Omid Meradji
Jordan Patterson
Vice President
Virtual Packaging
Miguel Lazalde
Color Management Consultant
Ricoh USA
Lisa Cross
Principal Analyst
NAPCO Research
Ashley Roberts
Managing Editor
Printing & Packaging Group
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We’re seeing a trend towards “super-efficiency” as the industry is challenged with labor shortages and shorter turnaround time. This webinar will explore two meaningful ways to empower your workforce and drive faster time to market: improved color management and certified operator training.

Automating your color management is not only a major time-saver, but consistent color is a crucial care-about for customers focused on brand control and multi-channel marketing. Your ability to hit accurate and consistent color across multiple devices and substrates can be a game-changer in taking on more work and delivering superior products.

With on-demand, shorter runs, and shorter delivery time frames on the rise, no one can afford to a have a press go down. Certified operator training can maximize the effectiveness of your staff and empower anyone in your organization to maintain your devices at optimal performance.

Join us April 11th to hear how Booklogix and Virtual Packaging are benefitting from cutting-edge technology, software, and services to improve workflows and refine deliverables.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The value of a streamlined color management strategy, and the latest solutions to help you get there.
  • How Booklogix achieved 1M impressions per month on ONE shift with improved automation and color management.
  • How Virtual Packaging transitioned from a completely manual color management process to fully automated, saving hours per job and achieving a delta 2 or 3 across 6 different presses.
  • How reductions in downtime through Certified Operator Programs can give printers the confidence to address issues immediately and maximize output quality.
  • As we face the challenges head on, advanced color management and a thorough understanding of your devices are two initiatives you can implement immediately to stay on schedule and increase customer satisfaction. Don’t miss this session!

    Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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