Share Your Impact Through Data: How To Understand Your Organization's Impact and Decrease Staff Burnout By Adopting a Data Culture

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Teddie Pierce
Managing Founder
Decipher HMIS
Tim Lockie
Founder and CEO
The Human Stack
Chris Lyons
NonProfit Pro
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Your organization likely deals with mountains of data. Intake forms, assessments, caseworker notes, program-level reports, etc. So, what’s the big deal about data?

Data tells the story of your impact as an organization. Managing your data is critical for accounting but can also show where to improve. This all starts by introducing a data culture in your organization.

Establishing a data-driven culture at your organization is no small task, and we’ll discuss the steps to get there in this webinar. We’ll also explore what’s possible once you adapt to using data to measure success and improve programs. With technology, you can use data to increase funding, grow your organization, and confidently report to the board.

Join us to take the first step towards using data to show your impact. When you can do this effectively, your agency will experience a few benefits, including:

  • Staff who understand data can clearly see their impact – Results are a more energized team and better team meetings rooted in outcome management.
  • Better outcomes for participants - Process and program improvements can be better managed when everyone understands the data.
  • More funding and resource support – Reporting on outcomes leads to more sustainable long–term funding.
  • The ability to share your impact confidently - Your leadership can be more confident and knowledgeable when speaking to the board, funders, and the public.
  • Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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