Maximizing the Automation Opportunity in Direct Mail

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Mark Phillips
Strategic Initiatives Executive
Avant Imaging and Integrated Media (AIIM)
Josh Perkins
Director of Product Management
Avanti Systems, a Ricoh Company
Duncan Ellis
General Manager
Avanti Systems, a Ricoh Company
Ashley Roberts
Managing Editor
Printing Impressions
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While direct mail printers understand the value of software solutions to drive their business, many have developed homegrown tools often resulting in disparate systems requiring the handholding of information from one area to another, without the ability to integrate onboarding, data cleansing file prep, campaign reporting and more.

Join Avanti, a Ricoh company and NAPCO on October 5th with a panel of experts to discuss how to conquer the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of direct mail including:

  • How to meet your SLAs on time and profitably, with a clear view of inventory levels, actual job costs and turnaround times.
  • Learning how a MIS is the cornerstone of managing the business of direct mail, detailing each step of the workflow process to determine expected time and costs, and measuring results with real-time, actionable data.
  • Real-world examples of direct mail and MIS success, showing ROI and operational success, and how poorly utilized systems are holding companies back from reaching their potential without the full power of automation.
  • The production of direct mail for transactional, in-plant and commercial printers is far beyond relevant content and personalization. Is your operation equipped with the right solutions and integration?

    Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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