Adding Soft Signage Fabric Printing into Your Portfolio is Easier Than You Think

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David Rodriguez
Director, Sales and Product Development
Textile Finishing Systems
Raj Persad
XL Digital Imaging
Tomer Ohavi
Senior Director, Product Management
Dan Marx
Senior Content Editor
Printing Impressions
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With numerous advantages, including an upscale appearance compared to vinyl and paper, reusability, light weight, and ease of installation, the demand from brands and marketers for soft signage fabric applications continues to rise. And for print businesses, adding fabric soft signage can be a strong competitive differentiator and have an enormous impact on your bottom line.

The reasons for adding soft signage are compelling, but, for some, the learning curve required for print providers to offer soft signage fabric applications may seem daunting. We’re not saying there isn’t a learning curve, but it’s not as challenging as you may think. Selecting the correct printing and finishing equipment and with a few tips, it’s possible to add soft signage with success.

This webinar will review what to look for in digital printing equipment, including the differences and benefits of in-line and offline sublimation processes, and show you why in-line fixation can be a soft signage game changer. We’ll review sewing systems with automated features for experienced and non-experienced sewing operators that will help you confidently add fabric soft signage finishing to your workflow. We’ll also talk with a print service provider that added soft signage technology to their business and is thriving in this growing application.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • About the latest printing and finishing technologies to consider
  • Fabric choices based on applications and final placement of the graphic
  • How to manage material shrinkage and stretch in both the warp (parallel to the selvage edge) and weft (the cross grain of the fabric) directions
  • About custom folders and guides that attached directly to the sewing system to easily create keder, Velcro, pole pockets, reinforced webbing, and zipper applications
  • Why one print service provider made the choice to add soft signage and his journey to success
  • Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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