Metrics Matter: Understanding The Impact of Unnecessary Costs

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Pat McGrew
The McGrew Group
Linnea Wolken
Senior Director, Global Marketing, Alliances & Operations
Ricoh Software & Services
Lisa Oakleaf
Senior Director, Global Software Product Management
Ricoh Software & Services
Ashley Roberts
Managing Editor
Printing & Packaging Group
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‘It’s just the cost of doing business’.

Oftentimes our print customers tend to absorb certain costs as table stakes.

Undeniably, there are instances where that is always going to be true – rent, equipment and consumables come to mind. We need a place to work and materials to work with, so we negotiate the best deal and get to work.

Then there are the expenses we accept without understanding their actual monetary or opportunity cost implications including:

  • Capacity issues, aging or complex infrastructure and potential security gaps
  • Manual touch points and unnecessary reprint
  • Communication lapses resulting in failure to meet customer SLAs.
  • We’re excited to kick off the new STREAMLINE series with Ashley Roberts, managing editor at PRINTING United Alliance, our Ricoh experts Linnea Wolken, Senior Director of Marketing and Alliances and Lisa Oakleaf, Senior Director of Product Management and Pat McGrew from The McGrew Group. This panel will identify and present the impact of each of these avoidable costs on your overall business with a series of In-Plant and Print Service Providers showcasing challenges, solutions and most importantly, real savings and ROI.

    You won’t want to miss this one.

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