2024 Trends in Content: From AI and Retention to Budgets and the 3rd-Party Cookie

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Robert Rose
Chief Strategy Officer
The Content Advisory
Tim Hossain
Head of Marketing
WordPress VIP
Chris Lyons
BRAND United
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2023 was a roller-coaster year for content marketers and media professionals alike.

AI adoption surged, but not budgets for AI-powered tools. The coming third-party cookie phase-out forced orgs into an audience-tracking scramble. And most still scratched their heads over how their content truly performs.

Join us on May 2nd for an exclusive webinar with our guest Robert Rose from The Content Advisory. We’ll unpack takeaways, trends, and hot takes from our new Content Matters 2024 Report, based on a survey of 1,000+ content and media professionals.

You’ll learn why:

  • AI still can't do what content and media pros do. Human input and content analytics still seem the way to decide content strategy.
  • To foster audience engagement and loyalty, orgs should pivot from third-party channels to relying more heavily on their owned distribution channels, CMS, and analytics—given the looming cookie changes.
  • Good content is data-driven. It’s simply not enough to use content analytics to decide what content to create without understanding how that content performs.
  • Reserve your spot now for our live session to make sure your business stays ahead of the content curve. Because, now more than ever, content matters.

    Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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