Webinar Series: Using The Cloud To Advance Mission Impact

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 About the Webinar Series

The 2023 IMAGINE: Nonprofit conference, hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), brought together nonprofit leaders, purpose-focused technologists, and impact innovators together in Washington D.C., to discuss how cloud technology can help drive a positive impact. In addition to networking and education, one of the primary goals of the March 2023 event was to inspire new ideas that are possible with cloud technologies.

Now, AWS and NonProfit PRO are partnering to deliver a new, technical webinar series that explains the how—bridging the gap between concepts to real-world implementation of cloud architectures and technologies. You’re invited to join this new four-part webinar series that will guide your nonprofit organization on accelerating its cloud journey.

Each week, nonprofit leaders and cloud experts will cover popular cloud and nonprofit topics in-depth. You can expect to receive an overview, technical guidance using real-world nonprofit examples, and an opportunity for speaker Q&A.

Nonprofit attendees are encouraged to register for the entire series for the best experience, but can also attend individual sessions. Complete the form to register. Sign up today!


Shifting From Legacy IT to the Cloud:  Tips and Examples for Getting Started With Cloud

Moving to the cloud can present challenges for many nonprofits. Join this session to learn about the AWS Cloud, its benefits, key challenges when migrating legacy IT to the cloud, and more. Explore strategies that can help your organization advance its mission and social impact.

Speaker: Sharyl Ninal, Solutions Architect, AWS

Date:  On-Demand  |  Time:  At your leisure!



How to Build a Data Strategy Within Your Organization to Extract More Insights

Nonprofits often want to do more with their data but lack the data strategy and technical guidance to do so. Join this session to discover steps for implementing an end-to-end data strategy, including a review of modern data architectures built with AWS. Plus, participate in an expert Q&A session focused on how to get started. 

Speakers: Han Tran, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS and Scott Graham, VP, Research and Data Science, FINCA

Date:  On-demand  |  Time:  At your leisure!



Building Securely at Scale in the Cloud: How To Use a Defense-In-Depth Strategy to Secure Your Data

To safeguard sensitive information and maintain the trust of donors, beneficiaries, and stakeholders, it is critical for nonprofits to implement a defense-in-depth data security strategy. In this session, speakers will explore a multi-layered security approach for protecting your data on AWS.

Speaker: Jennie Jin, Solutions Architect II, AWS

Date:  On-demand  |  Time:  At your leisure!


Leveraging Cloud Computing and AI to Fast-Track Social Impact

This session will explore how nonprofits can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other AWS technologies to better understand and engage with constituents. For example, learn how to use machine learning (ML) to process constituent data, thereby unlocking key insights about their interests and behaviors. Attendees will leave with practical examples of how to use AWS to deepen stakeholder relationships and drive mission transformation.

Speaker: Brandon Phillips, Solutions Architect, AWS

Date:  On-demand  |  Time:  At your leisure!

Questions? Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (215) 238-5300.

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